*Trump, *Morgan Freeman and Mr. Energy Savings Part 6.

showroompartners.com Today *Donald Trump has asked *Morgan Freeman to say a few words about Icynene spray foam insulation. The president highly recommends Icynene spray foam for everyone. *Impersonators Watch our complete series of these laugh out loud videos and subscribe to our video channels to keep up to date with Showroom Partners Entertainment. Online at Showroom Partners we offer a huge selection of premium building products for your review. If you don’t see your products there then join us. We offer an affordable marketing platform to further promote your brand.

*Trump, Jack Nicholson, Mr. Energy Savings and Kim Jong Part 5

showroompartners.com The spray foam insulation program is not looking good for America. *Trump’s plan to have spray foam in every home in America looks doomed. Watch part 5 with *Trump, Liam Neeson and Mr. Energy Savings in our latest short animated video. Wait for the ending! Folks should look further into the long term benefits of spray foam insulation, it’s an investment in energy savings, comfort and much more. *Voice over Impersonators for Trump and Liam Neeson.

Donald Trump Appoints The Tom Brady Mirror as Mr. Energy Savings.

showroompartners.com well every family deserves a well insulated home. One that gets insulated right with lifetime benefits. Today Mr. Trump appoints the Tom Brady smart mirror as “Mr. Energy Savings” Tom Brady is in charge of assisting folks with insulating their homes with Icynene spray foam insulation. Visit Showroom Partners online for further information. #sprayfoam #thermalinsulation #donaldtrump #energyefficiency

Rachel Checks into the Hotel to try and meet *Morgan Freeman.

showroompartners.com Today Rachel checks into the hotel with a plan to meet *Morgan Freeman she is unaware that it’s Roy Witherspoon our impersonator who looks and sounds like him. Watch our entire series of laugh out loud videos and subscribe to our video channels. We’re America’s Online Home Improvement Place. Home to some of the nations top building product manufacturers. Manufacturers are encourage to join us.