Elvis Presley Blue Christmas 2018.

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TNT Sports Desk | Tom Brady | Spray Foam Insulation *Uncensored

Our TNT sports desk *voice over artists have some serious issues. However one thing they do have straight is that spray foam insulation is your best option for insulating and air-sealing your home. Icynene-Lapolla spray foam the leader in the industry is the manufacturer we offer online at Showroompartners.com and we highly recommend you visit us there today to review the many advantages to using spray foam over traditional insulating materials.

Crawlspace Insulation | Crawlspace rodents | Spray Foam Insulation

*Contains Adult language. Today an irate caller is looking to have her crawlspace insulation repaired. You simply can’t keep putting in fiberglass batt insulation as rodents can nest in it and tear it down. Spray foam insulation- especially closed cell foam allows for a much better solution since it adheres to the underside of the floor and not providing a space for rodents to run above and nest. Whether you have a conditioned crawlspace or not spray foam is your best choice for a worry free job. Time to laugh and learn as we say here at Showroom Partners.

*Michael Jackson | Spray Foam Insulation | Cold Floors

*Today Michael Jackson *Voice over impersonator calls back into the Showroom Partners chat widget looking to get a crawlspace ceiling insulated as the floors are cold for he and Bubbles. Time to laugh and learn. Can you count how many of MJ’s song titles were used in the video? Subscribe to our video channel today to keep up with all of our latest funny and intuitive videos.