Why would you Advertise on Showroom Partners?

Why would you Advertise on Showroom Partners? Well that’s easy! You could just ask the manufacturers on our site. They are all top building product manufacturers. You could also read all of our testimonials like the one below.

“At the end of 2014 Johns Manville began a partnership with Anchor Insulation as their main fiber glass insulation supplier. After meeting Victor through Anchor and seeing his work I immediately knew it was a no brainer to join Showroom Partners.

Our entire marketing department was floored by what our modest investment returned. Within the first couple weeks several impressive videos were ready to go promoting our products and the professional installation available from Anchor.

He continues to exceed expectations with his dedication and marketing efforts. I would absolutely recommend Showroom Partners as a fantastic tool for both vendors and consumers.”

Brian Castiglione
Johns Manville Insulation

Check out all of our testimonials right here. Advertising on Showroom Partners is practically free with all of the value we provide with video and social media updates, blogging and more!

It’s HD videos, our networking on Houzz, Face Book, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and blogs that land folks on Showroom Partners. Once their on our website further information on all of the products is available to them with useful links, stunning images, videos and brochures. Everything is in HD quality for folks to review. The manufacturers dealers located throughout the United States install the products. We also have our Building Partners Club to assist with installation.

You will find our over 200 videos on YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Your membership includes a video specifically for your products and we also produce videos throughout the year including your products amongst others like the video below.

A consumer looking for a specific product will see your product a brand or manufacturer they may not know or were not considering. Now you are right in front of them!

There are a lot of reasons to join Showroom Partners and not just because we are America’s Online Home Improvement Place. Join us because we want to give the consumers on our site the opportunity to review products from the foundation to the roof. A centralized location- A showroom filled with the best of the best in building products. A useful sales tool for everyone.

Visit Showroom Partners Online and join us today for a low mind blowing annual fee.

-Victor Resto President Showroom Partners Online


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