We proudly welcome our newest Showroom Partner member Earthcore.

Coming soon to Showroom Partners is Earthcore- Makers of Isokern fireplaces. With over 70 years in the construction industry Earthcore’s Isokern line has become the most trusted modular fireplace system in the world.
The Isokern Standard Fireplace offers the complete look of a “traditionally built” masonry fireplace and more. First, all Isokern products are made of dense clean volcanic stone which offers high insulation and lightweight componentry for quick installations. The fireplace is then lined with true brick for a custom look and then a custom finish to the owner’s choice. Isokern is the perfect choice for interior or exterior installations where true masonry is required for longevity.
Standard Series
Isokern Standard Fireplace comes in three size models: 36, 42 and 46 inch. All the sizes are 25 1/4 inches deep and 63 1/4 inches overall height respectively. The Isokern Firebox is designed to accept the Isokern DM chimney components that are listed to UL The fireboxes weigh 1260, 1305 and 1370 pounds respectively before firebrick and damper, which will approximately add 300 pounds to the total.




Isokern has a 20 year warranty and minimum 60 year life expectancy.
It is 100% zero clearance, exceeds fire codes.
It’s highly insulated pumice aggregate chimney components will withstand flue fires.
Isokern is rated at up to 80% more efficient. With a high insulative value of R-30, Isokern protects your home and the environment due to high reflectivity and insulating value.
Installation is easier using lightweight inter-locking modular masonry components.

Magnum Series
The Magnum Series has the largest opening available in the market with true finished openings of 28″, 36″, 42″ and 48″ widths. These larger openings are ideal for more dramatic interior and exterior applications without compromising the qualities that have made Isokern fireplace systems so popular. With a taller, straight-back, interior design the Magnum Series is second to none in versatility, safety and affordability.

Magnum Features
Larger firebox opening allowing for for more ornate, large scale finishes.
Taller, straight-back interior creating a larger traditional look and feel for any room.
Listed for wood burning and used in place of other heating alternatives.
Built on traditional masonry foundations.
Versatile installation to accommodate a flush or raised hearth.
Requires the use of Isokern DM 54 chimney or UL 103 metal flue.
Can be used with a vented gas log appliance (ANSI Z21.60).

Pumice is a natural insulator. This is the unique property that separates pumice from all other chimney materials.

The insulating properties of pumice allow the flue gases in the chimney to quickly reach their optimum temperature enabling the heating appliance to reach its optimum performance shortly after lighting.

It also keeps the chimney warmer longer as the heat output of the appliance decreases – once again aiding performance and reducing the likelihood of condensation and soot build-up.


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