Check out Isokern, Isoflames and other products by Earthcore. Earthcore is proud to offer a variety of innovative products that transform outdoor and indoor spaces. With every product we create, we strive to reconnect you with the beautiful, captivating, power of fire—in the comfort of your home.

Banging rocks. Rubbing sticks together. Early man used crude methods to create fire. Today, Earthcore has evolved the art form, allowing you to start a fire whenever you want with the push of a button. The Isoflames Stadium Burner has an all-electronic ignition with an optional on/off remote wall switch. This reversible set provides two classic presentation options—Oak and Split Oak. The burner, created in our Grand Stand design, provides a hidden remote with no unsightly electronic black box. Built with high-efficiency variable technology, these logs are both impressive and efficient, using less BTUs while achieving a greater flame.



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