About us

Since 2007 Showroom Partners has been the place where the home buyer, architect and General Contractor, can research and purchase multiple building products. We have just about all of the products for the interior and exterior of the home.

On our site is where you can take care of building, renovating and improving a new or existing home. Our Building Partners can furnish and professionally install these products. We have direct links to the manufacturer’s websites and we provide images of the installed products which is very useful since our showroom is online. Visit us today, we have something for everyone!

About the creator of our site: Victor Resto began in home improvement back in 1979. While still in high school he began working nights loading trucks with insulation in the Washington DC Metro area. working his way into retrofit-home improvement where he installed insulation for many years. Once he worked his way up into sales he immediately noticed that the company he worked for did not have a website that could assist his clients with the multitude of home improvement products they furnished and installed. It was then that Showroom Partners was created and became a quick successful sales tool that assisted not only the general contractor but the homebuyer. The site has grown into a mega home improvement site over the years. Rather than sending consumers to the manufacturers websites for each product, there was a centralized place to see and access everything!

The high resolution images, videos, brochures and links to the manufacturers sites was the greatest assistance he gave his clients. Since then the site has been linked to many general contractors websites. He created “Building Partners” in 2013 allowing general contractors to advertise their businesses all over the United States and Canada. This is still done today at no cost.

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