Vinnie Barbarino calls into our Chat Widget Today. Vinnie Barbarino, the King of the Sweathogs calls into our chat widget today looking for assistance. Well Morgan Freeman is sleeping so he won’t get much service today! Visit Showroom Partners online to review everything to build or improve homes nationwide. Manufacturers are encouraged to join us. We offer Advertising plans for all budgets!

Christmas 2017 | Santa | Elf | Home Improvement

Today Elf is telling folks about preparing their homes for another harsh winter by insulating their homes with the products found online at Showroom Partners. Santa has a thing or two to say about it as well. Visit Showroom Partners online to review all of the great products to improve or build a home.

50 Shades of Halloween and the Feisty Magical Mirror. Enjoy our long list of these hilarious feisty mirror videos as you learn about many of the products we offer folks. There is something for everyone! Subscribe to our video channel to keep up to date with us. Visit Showroom Partners online for amazing building products to improve or build a home. We also have some DIY products for you. We’re America’s Online Home Improvement Place.

*Morgan Freeman | Miss Emily | Michael Jackson | Hot Movie Date Today our *Morgan Freeman sound-a-like and Miss Emily are enjoying a night alone to watch a movie featuring Michael Jackson. The night is steaming up so make sure you watch our video and our complete series of fun, intuitive and hilarious videos! Visit Showroom Partners if you want to build or improve a home. You will love the products we promote from leading manufacturers.

Morgan Freeman and Tom Brady at trade show promoting spray foam insulation. Today our characters are at a trade show promoting spray foam insulation and answering questions. Roy Witherspoon is the assistant (Who sounds a lot like Morgan Freeman) and Tom Brady is the spray foam guru with all the answers about spray foam and traditional insulating materials. You will find all of our insulation materials online at Showroom Partners. America’s Online Home Improvement Place.

Morgan Freeman arrives and Interviews with Showroom Partners. Well he certainly sounds like Morgan Freeman but his name is Roy Witherspoon. Roy is the latest animated character for the hundreds of videos Showroom Partners produces for it’s advertisers. We have some of the biggest names which you will see on this video and on our website. Join Showroom Partners if you are a manufacturer looking to further promote your products to our huge audience.

Dimplex | Electric Fireplaces | Why settle for anything else?

Dimplex is the world leader of electric fireplaces and if you see one you will understand why. Visit Showroom Partners online today to see Dimplex and other top quality home building products. #electric fireplaces

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Tom Brady and treasure island- featuring Icynene spray foam insulation.

Today our Tom Brady is captured by pirates. Watch our latest video featuring Icynene spray foam #insulation. Tom uses his spray foam knowledge to save him from walking the plank into the heavy shark infested waters. (or did he?) Guess you will have to watch and see.

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