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When it comes to shower enclosures, stop doing the same old thing! Choose Coastal Shower Doors by Coastal Industries. Showers that are Designed to Define and one of a kind. You have almost endless options to choose from and a shower for all budgets. Visit Showroom Partners online today for further review.


Fred Sanford Chooses a Coastal Industries Gridscape Shower Door. Today our Morgan Freeman impersonator (Al Klinge) is narrating a story about a widower named Fred Sanford. Fred needs some companionship as well as some home organization. He decides to adopt a couple of pets and then buys one of those amazing Gridscape Shower doors to keep his pets clean in his filthy house full of junk.

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Glass Shower Doors By Coral Industries.

When you are updating your bathroom, it’s easy to get caught up in picking major items like tile patterns, toilets, sinks, and tubs. What people don’t always think about is their shower door. While you may not realize it, your shower door takes up a large area in your bathroom, and can change the entire look of the room.


Coral Industries is currently the largest manufacturer of shower doors, and their quality is second to none. They are manufactured right here in the United States using rigid standards, ensuring that every single piece that comes off the line is perfect.

With both frameless and framed shower doors available, you can create any look that you want using their products. They even have custom designs available, with various textures and glass designs. You can take a look at some of their products here.

Frameless shower doors provide a spa-like ambiance, are easy to clean, and very durable. You can even design an entire glass shower enclosure if you want, complete with frameless glass pane windows.

If you like the look of the framed glass, Coral Industries has several different types and colors of frames to choose from. They even have custom pull handles, towel bars, and other accessories that you can add.

Frosted glass, clear, wavy, framed, semi-framed or unframed, whatever look you desire, Coral Industries can design the perfect product for you!

By Stephanie Goodman | April 24th, 2015 | Products