Harry Potter and the Chicken Clucking Garage Door.

Today Snape calls into our chat widget looking for a garage door since Harry turned his garage door into a clucking chicken. Well, Tom Brady takes the call and tries to assist him. Didn’t work out well as you will see for yourself. Subscribe to our YouTube channel where we will keep you laughing and learning your way to Home Improvement. Visit us online at ShowroomPartners.com


Andy Garcia | Modern Fireplaces | *Uncensored

showroompartners.com It’s a good thing we don’t have an actual customer service chat widget or these clowns answering the one in these videos would be getting us into a lot of trouble. Time to laugh and learn about the best of the best in home improvement. We recommend manufacturers of quality building products join showroom partners to advertise their building products and building materials to our huge and growing audience. Subscribe to our video channel here to keep up to date with all of our videos. *Voice over impersonator for Andy Garcia.

Donald Trump and Tom Brady in: The Wall.

*Voice over impersonator for Mr. Trump. Today Donald calls into our customer service chat widget looking to purchase that wall. We don’t have walls online at Showroompartners.com well at least not yet. We highly recommend manufacturer join our marketing program to advertise any building material for home improvement. We work with all budgets. Subscribe to our video channels today to keep up to date with our funny and intuitive videos.

Insulation Materials | spray foam insulation | Building Insulation

http://www.showroompartners.com Some insulation materials provide a lifetime of benefits that don’t lose their energy saving performance over time. Many traditional insulation materials will sag or settle over time. It’s the high performance modern insulation like spray foam that provides an air barrier which is critical for less chance for ice dams and unwanted air infiltration. Who wants a drafty home anyway? Choose wisely Mandy did.

Showroom Partners | The internets Biggest Secret | Home Products

We’re not a household name. Yet! Maybe we’re the internets top secret? Some consumers, architects, home builders want to keep our site a secret and keep all of our treasured products to themselves. After all, do you want your neighbor to have the same beautiful home you have? Hell Naw!! So please don’t tell anyone about America’s Online Home Improvement Place! We’ll keep it under our hat too and won’t advertise on this years Super Bowl. GO PATS!!!!