*Elvis Presley Performs “Treat me Nice” | *Elvis Impersonator

*Elvis (Voice over artist) knocks this one out of the ball park and so does Stuart. Literally! LOL Subscribe to our video channel here and enjoy our hundreds of laugh out loud entertaining videos and be sure to visit Showroompartners.com to review products to improve or build a new home.


*Michael Jackson | Home Improvement | Building Products

Today Michael Jackson (Celebrity impersonator- voice over artist) calls into our chat widget and is looking for ways to improve his home. Showroom Partners has lots of ideas on how to do just that so visit us online at showroompartners.com after you have subscribed to our video channel here.

*Elvis Presley | In the Ghetto | Quality Building Products

Today Elvis *Voice over impersonator calls into our chat widget wondering why Showroom Partners is located “In the Ghetto” Well all of our amazing quality building products are stored neatly in our virtual showroom called Showroom Partners. Visit us online today for ideas on how you can improve your home. At Showroom Partners we have you covered for Home Improvement. #homeimprovement #elvispresley

Elf Monitors the Chat Widget for Christmas in July.

Today Elf is assisting customers on the chat widget. He gets a call from angry *Andy Garcia (*Voice over impersonator) who needs assistance with insulation for his garage ceiling. Since the garage has the sheet rock in place Elf recommends cellulose insulation to be blown in from holes bored in the sheetrock filling the cavity. Well that all goes south as you will see….Subscribe to our video channel here to keep laughing and learning about products to improve your home.

*Elvis Presley | Chat Widget | MirrorChic Mirror Frames

Today *Elvis (Voice over impersonator) calls into the Showroom Partners chat widget to tell Stuart about his new MirrorChic custom mirror frames. Funny thing is Elvis did not install them. Stuart’s wife did! Time to laugh and learn but you too can add some amazing beautiful focal points to your bathrooms with these easy to install DIY mirror frames. Just visit showroompartners.com to review them today! #Elvis #Mirrorframes