*Arnold Schwarzenegger | Chat Widget | Building Products

Today *Arnold Schwarzenegger-Voice over impersonator calls into our chat widget however he isn’t looking for our amazing quality building products. Time to laugh and learn and don’t forget to subscribe to our video channel here and visit showroompartners.com to review products to build or improve homes nationwide.

Tom Brady | Chat Widget | Trump | Andy Garcia | Mike Tyson | *Adult Language

Today Tom Brady is the unlucky one monitor our customer service chat widget for Showroom Partners. Today Mike Tyson, Trump. Vinnie Barbarino and Angry Andy Garcia call in. *Contains Adult language and celebrity impersonators. Subscribe to our video channel here to keep on laughing. Visit showroompartners.com to improve or build a home.

Showroom Partners Video Logo 2017 Home Improvement | Building Products

showroompartners.com Showroom Partners online is a great resource where home improvement seeking folks can review a diverse line of premium building products. Brands you know and trust from the leaders of building product manufacturing. Advertise with Showroom Partners if you want to be a part of a great marketing platform. We’re America’s Online Home Improvement Place.

Santa chooses Icynene spray foam and Anchor Insulation Company.

Today Santa asks the old wise and magical mirror what company he should use to install Icynene Inc Spray Foam Insulation and the mirror tells Santa to use Anchor Insulation of Pawtucket Rhode Island. Video features the voice of Al Klinge as the mirror. Yes, it’s a bit early for Christmas but never too early to have your home or building insulated with spray foam insulation. Well it’s off to the North pole. A perfect place for spray foam!

Showroom Partners Infographic video of Premium Building Products.

Enjoy our all new 2016 Infographic Video of Building Products. If you don’t see your products in this video then put them in our next video and place them in our Showroom. It’s called America’s Online Home Improvement Place. New Construction and Home Improvement premium products from leading manufacturers. Join us today and become a Showroom Partner! Video features products from: Coral Industries, Inc. GreenFiber Johns Manville Icynene Dimplex North America Limited Mapier Group Srl ClosetMaid RD Fi-Foil Company, Inc. Wayne Dalton earthcore Attic zipper and more!

*Morgan Freeman at Pharmacy promoting Showroom Partners Advertising.

showroompartners.com *Roy Witherspoon is Showroom Partners Morgan Freeman sound-a-like. Today Roy is telling manufacturers a couple reasons why they should let us advertise their products to our huge audience. If you are a manufacturer or distributer of premium building products then let us promote your products in a unique fun way and at a low cost. Watch our latest video below.


Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 7.27.38 PM

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showroompartners.com Showroom Partners online is a place where the public can review premium products to build or remodel homes. It’s also where leading manufacturers come to advertise their products. We only promote premium-safe products to our huge audience. Watch our slideshow video and see if your products are shown. If not, put them there by becoming a Showroom Partner advertiser today!

*Sir David Attenborough | Spray Foam Insulation | Energy Savings and comfort

showroompartners.com *Al Klinge who does the voice over impersonation for Sir David Attenborough and Morgan Freeman has done it again. Today Sir David talks about spray foam insulation and why he chose to use it for his vacation home. It all came down to using the manufacturer that was associated with Showroom Partners. Visit Showroom Partners online today for spray foam insulation, other insulation products and a diverse line of products to use to build or remodel homes nationwide to include the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. We make #homeimprovement easy!