Harry Potter and The Magical Chat Widget | Shower Enclosures

Today the great Dumbledore has summoned the Magical Chat Widget to acquire a new shower enclosure. The fine ones you will find online at Showroom Partners. Tom Brady is there to assist him with his bountiful $15 an hour. Time to laugh and learn and even more importantly get you a new shower door that will add some great ambiance to your bathrooms.

*Michael Jackson | Award Winning | Coastal Shower Doors

Today Michael Jackson (*Voice over impersonator) calls into our chat widget looking to get a new Gridscape shower door by Coastal Shower Doors. MJ wants to keep all of his pets and animals squeaky clean! Time to laugh and learn but most importantly check out Coastal Shower Doors online today at ShowroomPartners.com and subscribe to our video channel.

Pirate Jack Daniels Chooses Coastal Shower Doors.

showroompartners.com Today *Andy Garcia (voice over impersonator) is reading a story about Pirate Jack Daniels and his new shower door by Coastal Shower Doors. Coastal offers the best in modern shower doors in styles you won’t find anywhere else. Subscribe to our video channel here and visit Showroompartners.com today to review Coastal’s complete shower door offering. #coastalshowerdoors