Donald Trump | The Wall | Spray Foam Insulation

Today Donald wants to build that wall with closed cell foam. Lucky for him, Stuart is there to assist him via our famous Chat Widget. These videos are for fun and in no way reflect the views of our audience. At least not on record. Time to Laugh and learn as we say here at Showroom Partners. Visit Showroom Partners online for the best in spray foam insulation

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Today Donald Trump Monitors our Famous Chat Widget.

Well today it’s Donald Trump’s turn to monitor The Showroom Partners famous customer service Chat Widget. Donald will attempt to assist folks with any questions they may have regarding the products found online at Showroom Partners. Watch our entire playlist and subscribe to our video channels. Visit for ideas on improving your home or building a new one.

*Trump’s Plan to Insulate the Oval Office with Icynene Spray Foam Insulation Today our *Donald Trump impersonator is tweeting to his followers about renovating and insulating the oval office with Icynene spray foam insulation. Now that’s one major upgrade in comfort and energy savings right there. Enjoy our funny and intuitive video and subscribe to our video channels to keep up to date with Showroom Partners. America’s Online Home Improvement Place.

*Trump, *Morgan Freeman and Mr. Energy Savings Part 6. Today *Donald Trump has asked *Morgan Freeman to say a few words about Icynene spray foam insulation. The president highly recommends Icynene spray foam for everyone. *Impersonators Watch our complete series of these laugh out loud videos and subscribe to our video channels to keep up to date with Showroom Partners Entertainment. Online at Showroom Partners we offer a huge selection of premium building products for your review. If you don’t see your products there then join us. We offer an affordable marketing platform to further promote your brand.