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When it comes to shower enclosures, stop doing the same old thing! Choose Coastal Shower Doors by Coastal Industries. Showers that are Designed to Define and one of a kind. You have almost endless options to choose from and a shower for all budgets. Visit Showroom Partners online today for further review.


Elmer’s Wife gets a Brand New Coastal Industries Gridscape Shower Door.

Elmer’s wife is getting a brand new Coastal Shower Doors � Gridscape Shower door. When Elmer’s wife is happy, he is happy and the coffee keeps on coming. Visit Showroom Partners online for the best in shower enclosures and a variety of other products to build or improve homes nationwide. #Designedtodefine #Kitchencabinets #showerdoors

Stuart and Rachel Fighting the Neighbor over Home Improvement Projects.

Today Stuart is bragging about his Earthcore Isokern outdoor fireplace. Well he should be, they are simply the best fireplaces money can buy for indoors and outdoors. The neighbor is getting a new Coastal Industries shower door. Their Gridscape series ultra modern showers will blow you away and Rachel has joined the battle of competing with the neighbor over improving their homes. Watch our complete series of Stuart and his neighbor videos. Laugh and learn about the products available to you via The Showroom Partners website. #homeimprovement

Fred Sanford Chooses a Coastal Industries Gridscape Shower Door. Today our Morgan Freeman impersonator (Al Klinge) is narrating a story about a widower named Fred Sanford. Fred needs some companionship as well as some home organization. He decides to adopt a couple of pets and then buys one of those amazing Gridscape Shower doors to keep his pets clean in his filthy house full of junk.

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This Judge Really wants our Amazing, Beautiful and Affordable Shower Doors! Visit Showroom Partners where you will find all of the shower doors you will ever need! Standard to frameless, traditional to ultra modern we have a shower door for every budget. We feature beautiful shower doors custom made to fit your taste and budget by Coastal Shower Doors and Coral Industries. Visit us online today to review and select everything! So Judge we are not biting! You will have to pick out and pay for those shower doors. Nice try though. #showerdoors #framelessshowers

Night in the Museum- Shower Enclosures 2092 with the Magical Mirror Today the Space Captain has another question for the wise and magical Morgan Freeman sounding mirror. Today he needs a shower enclosure. Well it’s no secret that Showroom Partners offers two of the leaders in custom, beautiful and durable shower doors. From traditional to ultra modern styles Showroom Partners has a shower door for all budgets. Review them online today!

At Showroom Partners we offer premium shower doors from Coastal Shower doors and Coral Industries with styles you will love. A shower door for all budgets!