*Matthew McConaughey | Gridscape | Coastal Shower Doors

It is a tough choice…brand new Coastal Shower Doors or the 2018 Lincoln Navigator……..Which will Matthew McConaughey choose? Watch our latest video! Then head on over to showroompartners.com to review Coastal Shower doors award winning ultra modern shower enclosures! *Voice over impersonator


*Adam Sandler calls into our Chat Widget. *Contains Adult Language

Today Big Daddy Adam Sandler calls into our Chat Widget. Why not just call it a darn phone cause that’s all it is. Why is all of this so complicated? Geez!! Anyway video contains some mild adult language. How else would it be funny? Please share. Hope you all saw the movie Big Daddy?

Stuart and Rachel Fighting the Neighbor over Home Improvement Projects.

Today Stuart is bragging about his Earthcore Isokern outdoor fireplace. Well he should be, they are simply the best fireplaces money can buy for indoors and outdoors. The neighbor is getting a new Coastal Industries shower door. Their Gridscape series ultra modern showers will blow you away and Rachel has joined the battle of competing with the neighbor over improving their homes. Watch our complete series of Stuart and his neighbor videos. Laugh and learn about the products available to you via The Showroom Partners website. #homeimprovement