Tom Brady | Chat Widget | Trump | Andy Garcia | Mike Tyson | *Adult Language

Today Tom Brady is the unlucky one monitor our customer service chat widget for Showroom Partners. Today Mike Tyson, Trump. Vinnie Barbarino and Angry Andy Garcia call in. *Contains Adult language and celebrity impersonators. Subscribe to our video channel here to keep on laughing. Visit to improve or build a home.


*Matthew McConnaughey calls into our Chat Widget. *Contains Adult Language.

Today another celebrity calls into our Chat Widget and today that person is Matthew McConnaughey. (Voice over artist- impersonator) Time to laugh. And for the record our customer service is outstanding and the home improvement products we offer for your review are truly amazing. *Video contains adult language.

Today Pirate is monitoring Showroom Partners Chat Widget 2.0 Today Pirate is trying out Showroom Partners all new Chat Widget 2.0 and Rachel from Bristol RI calls in. Rachel wants to get her home insulated and Pirate recommends Anchor Insulation company. Anchor has 3 locations and almost 200 employees ready to service all of your insulation needs. Give them a call today for your free estimate. Anchor is a licensed Icynene-Lapolla spray foam dealer but offers all types of insulation for residential, commercial, industrial, mechanical and marine applications. You will find them online at Showroom Partners too.

Today Donald Trump Monitors our Famous Chat Widget.

Well today it’s Donald Trump’s turn to monitor The Showroom Partners famous customer service Chat Widget. Donald will attempt to assist folks with any questions they may have regarding the products found online at Showroom Partners. Watch our entire playlist and subscribe to our video channels. Visit for ideas on improving your home or building a new one.