Harry Potter- Unvented VS Vented Attics Choose Spray Foam Insulation.

Harry Potter- Unvented VS Vented Attics. Do you know the difference? Probably not, that’s why I have have to create these videos and they are expensive. Well it’s time to laugh and learn again. Please share the video so your muggle friends can learn something like professor Snape did.


Insulation Materials | spray foam insulation | Building Insulation

http://www.showroompartners.com Some insulation materials provide a lifetime of benefits that don’t lose their energy saving performance over time. Many traditional insulation materials will sag or settle over time. It’s the high performance modern insulation like spray foam that provides an air barrier which is critical for less chance for ice dams and unwanted air infiltration. Who wants a drafty home anyway? Choose wisely Mandy did.