Michael Jackson | She Shed | Building Insulation

Today our MJ impersonator is taking calls on our customer service chat widget when that irate lady calls in looking to insulate her She Shed. Poor Michael, She’s got MJ Working Day and Night!”

*Michael Jackson | Halloween 2018 Celebration

Today, *Michael Jackson (*Voice over impersonator) has a message for all us in this inspiring animated video. Please share it with friends and subscribe to our video channel to keep up to date with all of Showroom Partners intuitive and funny videos. #Halloween2018 #Kingofpop #Michaeljackson #Halloween #Healtheworld

*Michael Jackson | Spray Foam Insulation | Cold Floors

*Today Michael Jackson *Voice over impersonator calls back into the Showroom Partners chat widget looking to get a crawlspace ceiling insulated as the floors are cold for he and Bubbles. Time to laugh and learn. Can you count how many of MJ’s song titles were used in the video? Subscribe to our video channel today to keep up with all of our latest funny and intuitive videos.