Shrek Donkey | Customer Service | Barn Style Garage Doors

Today Donkey is looking for a new Barn Style Garage door and Stuart is right there to assist with the worst customer service skills in the industry. Thankfully we offer the best in garage doors right on our website. Visit to review them but don’t worry, Stuart won’t be there.

Shrek Donkey | Shower Doors | Mild Adult language

That Shrek Donkey is looking for a shower door. Lucky him he gets to speak to Stuart. (Also known by Donkey as Mr. Chat Widget) Time to laugh and learn. *Mild adult language and voice over artist.
Visit to review the award winning shower enclosures by Coastal Shower Doors.

Shrek Donkey | Spray Foam Insulation | Chat Widget |

Donkey heard from one of the three little pigs that he had his home insulated with spray foam insulation and the big bad ass wolf couldn’t blow it down and it was also comfortable and cool all year long. Well especially this summer as hot as it is you too would love to have your home insulated with spray foam. Visit Showroom Partners online where we offer spray foam insulation by the global leader. #buildinginsulation #homeinsulation #sprayfoaminsulation #thermalinsulation