Michael Jackson | She Shed | Building Insulation

Today our MJ impersonator is taking calls on our customer service chat widget when that irate lady calls in looking to insulate her She Shed. Poor Michael, She’s got MJ Working Day and Night!”

Harry Potter- Snape Needs Insulation.

Part 2. Snape is looking for the best insulation. Well, rather than being turned into a warthog Tom Brady (Showroom Partners’ insulation guru) assists him. Time to laugh and learn a thing or two about spray foam insulation as if we all didn’t already know about all of those amazing benefits. http://www.showroompartners.com Subscribe to our video channel today!

Stuart and the Dancing Doctor.

showroompartners.com You too will dance when you see your drastically reduce heating and cooling costs when you insulate your home with Icynene-Lapolla spray foam insulation. Spray foam seals your home unlike traditional insulation materials that act like filters. Spray foam is an air barrier, vapor retarder and will add structural integrity to your home as well while reducing unwanted noise. Visit Showroom Partners online for further information on spray foam and the rest of the great home building / home improvement products we offer our viewers.

Tom Brady and Pirate Jack Daniels monitoring the Chat Widget.

Ahoy there mates! Tom Brady is back from the spray foam seminar and sharks and is now monitoring the Showroom Partners Chat widget. However Cap’n Jack Daniels is there to observe. Not good! A consumer is interested in Insulating the exterior walls of his home but does not want to gut the home. Greenfiber cellulose to the rescue. Watch, laugh and learn all in that sequence.

Tom Brady is chatting online assisting a consumer with their Insulation needs.

showroompartners.com┬áToday Tom Brady is chatting with a familiar person. He’s assisting them with their insulation needs. Showroom Partners online has all of the latest and greatest insulation products for our audience of 70,000 and growing to review. Visit us online today and subscribe to our video channel here for more laugh out loud and intuitive videos. #Buildinginsulation #Thermalinsulation